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5 Rock Landscaping Ideas

Need Some Ideas For Adding Rock Structures To Your Landscape?

We have inspiration for you and your landscape. Thinking about adding some rock elements to your property? Check out what we have prepared for you below. Residential landscape rock product images provides by Houzz.com.

It’s a new year, and you might be looking for new ways to add a little drama to your garden at home. Instead of planting new flowers, why not try creating a rock landscape?
Using rocks and pebbles in your landscaping design is a great way to create unique and interesting, all natural garden features. They go well in design schemes that favor a more rustic and rugged look, and are a cheaper and easier to maintain than lawns and flowerbeds.
Here are a few examples of gorgeous rock landscapes to get your ideas and inspirations flowing.

1. Rustic Boulders & Greenery, Seattle WA

This craftsman home’s regal exterior is complemented by the sturdy stone boulders used on the landscape design, and provide a striking yet pleasant contrast when placed next to the front yard’s delicate greenery. The manicured lawn keeps everything looking neat and suburban, while the natural rocks provide a rustic edge, preventing the curb from looking boring.

2. Contemporary Shrubbery and Contrasting Gravel, Seattle WA

Using decorative rocks, pebbles or gravel is a great way to add interest and texture to any landscaping design. This sophisticated contemporary garden’s use of the darker gravel highlights the landscaper’s choice of shrubbery, creating a delicate yet still daring visual that is as surprising as it is practical and easy to maintain.

3. Urban Rustic Landscape Design, Portland OR

Found in the charming neighborhood of Sellwood, this Portland craftsman home exemplifies the city’s urban rustic approach to design. The soft green of the house complements the plants used in the garden, while the irregular texture created by using the rock and gravel of varying sizes adds an air of whimsy to the garden’s practical retaining wall. This is probably the best example of how rocks and gravel can be used to create unique landscaping options.

4. Minimalist Rock Landscape, Las Vegas NV

Rocks and gravel are perfect for creating the contemporary minimalist landscape design of your dreams, and look particularly splendid when used in the gardens of homes found in desert climates. They’re a great way to keep your outdoor space looking rich and interesting without having to spend money on plants that may not thrive in this arid environment. Also take note how the brightly colored flowers are extra effective next to the texture of the stone.

5. Contemporary Landscape Patio, San Francisco CA

This patio is simple, clean but still undeniably sophisticated thanks to the use of rock and gravel. Just another way you can have a stylish landscape design without having to rely on greenery for drama and effect. This kind of landscaping design is great for people who still want to make a statement but don’t want to fuss over complicated garden maintenance.

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