Yamhill & Washington Counties #1 rock sand and gravel supplier since 1955

Amity Rock Supply

At Meisel Rock Products, we take pride in being the premier Amity rock supplier. We have over 50 years of experience when it comes to providing Oregonians with high quality rock supplies. From Oregon landscaping rocks to sand and gravel, we have a wide variety of rock materials that are perfectly suited for a number of different construction projects.

We own and operate six quarries throughout the state of Oregon, including three Amity quarries, which enables us to conveniently provide rock supplies for construction projects all over the state. We carry a huge selection of different rock products, from sand and gravel to boulders and shot rock. Whether you need rocks for a simple and small project for your home, such as a retaining wall, or if you work for a large company that is constructing a highway, we have the rock materials that are sure to make your project a success. We produce and sell minus materials, drainage and sanding materials, landscaping rocks and fill material. We have a team of experts that has a deep understanding of the rock materials industry. They can help you find a material that will work optimally for whatever project you may be working on. All of our quarries comply with all of the latest laws and regulations, and they allow us to quickly and efficiently deliver rock supplies wherever they are needed in Oregon. We are dedicated to supplying our customers with the high quality materials that they need when they need them.

Amity Rock Supplier

We operate several quarries in Amity, so it should come as no surprise that we are the number one Amity crushed rock supplier. If you live in or around Amity, you can quickly and easily visit one of our quarries to pick up high quality rock materials. We serve the entirety of Yamhill and Washington Counties, as well as the Portland metro area. Contact us today if you have questions or concerns about a project you are working on.