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How to Build a Rock Retaining Wall


Installing a rock retaining wall is a simple process, but it takes a lot of hard work. The first step in building a rock wall is to dig a trench at the base of the slope where you want the wall to go. The trench should be deep enough to just about cover the entire first layer of rocks. You also want to angle the trench towards the slope to provide a stronger foundation. Once you have a nice, firm soil base in your trench, install a layer of heavy rocks with at least two flat sides to form the bottom layer of your wall. The heavier the rocks, the more stable your wall will be. The next step is to keep adding layers of rocks, making sure not to line up the joints of the rock layers. Throughout the process, also make sure that your wall is running level from left to right, and also check to make sure it is still sloping backwards slightly. Use excavated soil and gravel to fill the gaps between the rocks and to “back fill” each layer of rock as you go. Once you have reached the final layer of your rock wall, you are going to want to use stones similar to the ones used for the foundation. The heavier and flatter the rocks, the stronger and more visually appealing your wall will be.

Obviously you need rocks if you are going to build a rock retaining wall, and lots of them.  Meisel Rock Products is an Oregon rock supply company that runs several quarries in the state and provides quality rocks for landscaping Oregon.

How to Build a Rock Retaining Wall
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How to Build a Rock Retaining Wall
Rock walls can give your garden or landscape rustic beauty, along with a number of other benefits. Retaining walls made of rock are great at keeping soil at bay, preventing erosion, and also require little to no maintenance over their lifespan.