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Landscape Supplies Portland, Oregon

Tigard Landscape Rock Supply

Meisel Rock Products has many Portland, Oregon area rock quarries which provide sand, crushed rock, round rock, pea gravel, and crushed drainage rock for landscaping projects. Our most popular material for landscaping is sand and gravel. Many of our customers come to us for landscaping rock materials for patios, whole yard renovations, water features, and larger rocks for accent features.

Landscaping Rocks

Landscape Rock Supply Portland, Oregon
Larger rocks can be used as accent pieces mixed in the landscape with plants to give a natural feel to the outdoor space. Larger sized rocks can also be used as stepping stones for stairs like those seen in the image above. Larger landscaping rocks are often used for backyard focal points and are favored by many home owners for the low maintenance required to maintain apposed to using plants as focal points. Larger landscaping rocks are also used for ponds, rock gardens, in rock wall construction and retaining wall construction. If you live in the Willamette Valley you are probably familiar with the clay soil found near any body of water. A lot of our customers purchase sand to mix with this soil to make it more appropriate for growing plants. Depending on your location and the size of your order we may offer delivery for your Portland area landscaping project. Contact us at our main office to find out if delivery is an option.

Round Rock & Pea Gravel

Portland, Oregon Landscape Rock Supply
Round rock and pea gravel are most often used for walkways and paths as seen in the image above. They can also be used as ground cover for areas of the landscape where plant growth is unwanted. Round rock comes in a number of sizes and once the average size is below 3/8ths of an inch in diameter it becomes pea rock or pea gravel. The color of round rock and pea gravel is usually more appealing than the crushed rock variety and has fewer jagged edges making it ideal for places people will be walking.

Portland Sand & Gravel

Oregon Sand & Gravel
One of our most popular products for landscaping projects in the Portland, Oregon area is sand and gravel. We carry a variety of sizes of gravel and general use sand. The Portland area is known for having a lot of clay soil so supplementing the soil with sand is a common reason for purchase in addition to the typical landscaping projects that require sand and gravel. The most common types of projects involving sand and gravel involve drainage, utility trenches, french drains, paver stone projects and tile drains but they are often used in just about every landscaping project at one point or another. We deliver sand and gravel throughout Portland from our many metro area rock quarries.

Minus Material

Portland Landscaping Rock Supplies Minus Material
Minus Material is a rock material term used to describe rock which contains small miscellaneous debris. This type of material is typically used for non decorative purposes like patio and walkway construction, or for building pads for above ground pools, hot tubs or green houses. Minus material is also used in the construction of driveways, roads and foundations for homes. Minus material is available in a number of sizes and we deliver to many areas in and around Portland, Oregon. Call our offices to find out if we can deliver to you or if we have a quarry nearby that would be appropriate for your landscaping project.