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McMinnville Rock Supply

Meisel Rock Products is a family-owned Oregon rock supplier that has been delivering high quality rock materials to its clients in McMinnville for about 40 years. We have been in business for a while, and in that time we have learned the ins and outs of the rock quarrying industry. We have provided the construction materials and rock products for hundreds of projects in Oregon. We believe in developing relationships with our clients so that we help you complete your project on schedule without going over your allotted budget.

Over the years our customers in McMinnville have come to rely on our outstanding rock products to build drainage systems, horse arenas, sidewalks, roads and a wide variety of other construction projects. We own and maintain seven quarries in the state of Oregon. Operating so many quarries allows us to mine a huge selection of different rock materials in McMinnville like sand and gravel, pea rock and aggregate to name just a few. We also mine round rock, crushed round rock and McMinnville landscaping rocks. It also means that we have to travel shorter distances to get to our customers, which allows us to deliver those rock materials quickly and easily. If you are ever thinking about starting a project that requires rock materials or sand, Meisel can supply them to you faster than any other rock supplier in Oregon. Whether you are looking for some rocks for a retaining wall, or if you want to purchase a load of aggregate rock for road construction, we are happy to work with both big and small clients.

McMinnville Rock Suppliers

Here at Meisel we are proud to serve the entire Portland metro area, as well as both Washington and Yamhill County. If you would like to request a free, on-site estimate for your project, contact us today.