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Sand and Gravel Uses

Tigard Sand & Gravel

Sand and gravel is most most often used in construction. It is used to make concrete, for road construction, as construction fill, for laying foundations, horse arenas, for mixing with asphalt, and for the production of construction materials such as concrete blocks, bricks and pipes. The sand and gravel from our quarries is also used for making roofing shingles, spread on icy roads in the winter, used in water filtration and for railroad construction. Construction projects such as the ones taking place to build the new Sellwood Bridge, or MAX construction are likely to involve sand and gravel purchased at one of our Willamette Valley quarries. Sand and gravel is also sometimes used to make glass, as foundry sand and as abrasive sand for sand blasting.

Sheridan & Lafayette, Oregon Sand & Gravel

Sources For Sand and Gravel

Most of our Oregon Rock Quarries provide sand and gravel for use in the type of projects listed above. Our quarries are located in and around Tigard, McMinnville, Tualatin, Dayton, Newberg, Amity, Gaston, Wilsonville, Sherwood,  Woodburn, Sheridan, Yamhill, Forest Grove, Cornelius, West Linn, and Carlton. Most of these rock quarries also provide pea gravel, rip rap, crushed rock/stone/gravel, and specialized rock, as well as sang and gravel.

Dayton, Oregon Sand & Gravel Rock Quarry


With over 50 years of industry experience our founding members along with our highly trained and professional team can manage all aspects of your job. We have supplied rock products to clients big and small. From backyards to superhighways, Meisel has been on the job every step of the way. The use of sand and gravel as a commodity goes back to ancient times further back even than when the Romans first started mixing volcanic ash into their concrete to make the mixture stronger. Sand and gravel has been used for equally long in two forms, as a construction medium and for industrial uses for such purposes as making glass. Sand is mostlye made up of grains of quartz  (silicon dioxide, SiO2). As rocks weather quartz grains are removed from materials such as granite creating sand.

Tigard, Oregon Sand and Gravel


When it comes to construction medium, crushed stone can be used as an alternative material for most construction applications. Crushed rock can also be acquired at nearly all of our Oregon Rock Quarries. When it comes to sand blasting there are also a number of substitutes.